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Star Atlas Token Sale Details Revealed

FTX, Raydium and Apollo-X will host the sale of the highly anticipated tokens of the Solana-powered Star Atlas metaverse, ushering in the next era of the play-to-earn enabled gaming and decentralized finance (GameFi) revolution. In the two initial DEX offerings, an additional allocation of Star Atlas (ATLAS) and Star Atlas DAO (POLIS) tokens will be available to holders of meta-posters.

To ensure a transparent launch of its tokens in eligible jurisdictions worldwide, Star Atlas will launch an initial exchange offering (IEO) on FTX and an IDO on both Apollo-X and Raydium platforms.

The two tokens enabling the next-generation blockchain gaming experience are ATLAS and POLIS. The total supply of ATLAS is 36 billion while the total supply of POLIS stands at 360 million. The expected circulating supply upon launch is 2.16 billion for ATLAS and 21.6 million for POLIS.

Exactly 2% of the total supply of each token is available for the raise across the three platforms. At a token price of $0.00138 per ATLAS and $0.138 per POLIS, the sale offers a combined value of $2 million in both tokens at an equally split ratio of one-to-one.

Distribution among platforms sees $1 million allocated to the FTX IEO and $500,000 allocated to both Raydium and Apollo-X, a total of 720 million ATLAS and 7.2 million POLIS.

To better understand the participation requirements, Michael Wagner, CEO of Star Atlas, recorded a video walkthrough.


To participate in the IEO event on FTX, you would have to complete the onboarding and meet the platform criteria by 9:00 pm SGT (6:00 am PDT) on Aug. 25, 2021. On Aug. 26 between 9:00 pm SGT (6:00 am PDT) and 10:00 pm SGT (7:00 am PDT), if you meet the conditions including holding at least 150 FTX (FTT) tokens, you would be able to bid in the ATLAS token sale on the platform.


Of the total supply of 36 billion ATLAS, the Apollo-X allocation is 180 million at a price of $0.00138 per token. Its pool of $248,400 worth of this token is split evenly across Apollo-X and Star Atlas pools.

For the POLIS tokens, the Apollo-X allocation is 1.8 million out of a total of 360 million at a price of $0.138 per token. Its pool of $248,400 worth of this token is split evenly across Apollo-X and Star Atlas pools.

To participate in the IDO on Apollo-X, you would need to stake your Paid Network (PAID) tokens and get whitelisted on the platform. Depending on the amount of your staked PAID tokens — be it 750, 1,500 or 4,500 — on the Binance Smart Chain, you would be assigned a tier. Staking of PAID begins on Aug. 20, 2021, at 12:00 pm UTC to determine your ticket allotment and remains open until Aug. 29, 2021, at 2:00 pm UTC. That is when the staking closes and the whitelisting process starts on a first-come-first-serve basis to be eligible for funding.

star atlas

Nearly $250,000 worth of tokens will be reserved exclusively for holders of Star Atlas nonfungible token badges. A minimum staking level of 750 PAID tokens is required to enter this Star Atlas pool as badge holders. Based on the meta-poster snapshot release, holders will receive additional tickets to participate in this pool. Users will need to possess at least one full Star Atlas ticket to participate in this exclusive pool. The total number of tickets will determine the likelihood of allocation up to the maximum size per participant. The number of tickets will be calculated based on the number of tier badges and meta-posters being held and participants will have access to $5 worth of additional allocation per ticket held.

The IDO on Raydium uses a ticket-based lottery system for token allocation. Depending on the amount of Raydium (RAY) tokens staked, you will receive a certain amount of tickets. These will enable you to purchase Star Atlas tokens from the AcceleRaytor pool. Staking of RAY begins on Aug. 25, 2021, to determine your ticket allotment. The AcceleRaytor pool opens on Sept. 1, 2021. Holders of a Star Atlas NFT badge will also be eligible for additional lottery tickets based on the number of tier badges and meta-posters held by the participating user.

Meta-poster tier rewards

The official meta-poster rewards snapshot on Aug. 25, 2021, at 8:00 am PDT will also provide the data for additional tickets available to ReBirth and Legends meta-poster holders.

Before the snapshot, the meta-posters should be in your wallet and not for sale on the Galactic Marketplace on Star Atlas’s website or other decentralized exchange marketplaces. Any meta-poster that is in either an “Open order,” “Unclaimed,” or “Unsettled” status in your inventory or on a DEX Marketplace will not be able to be counted in the snapshot.

On Aug. 26, 2021, at 8:00 am PDT, to allow ReBirth meta-poster collectors to fully benefit from the token sale, NFT badges from the loot box rewards pack will be dropped into the wallets of holders. The badges (Atlassian, Principal, Officer, Superior, Captain and Executive) give holders an advantage during the token sale.

The project has previously released its NFT posters, grossing just under $7 million. Today, they are listed on the Serum and Raydium DEXs and are currently valued at $40.

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