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Thetan Arena Partners with BNB Chain, CMC, Project Galaxy and others

The First MOBA e-sport gaming metaverse, Thetan Arena, has partnered with BNB Chain, CoinMarketCap, and Project Galaxy to hold a How-to Web3 on BNB Chain campaign.

The event is a Learn-and-earn campaign that aims to equip users of the blockchain community with the knowledge of various projects through different activities that will help them earn several rewards.

One of the highlights of the reward is the receipt of an On-chain Achievement Token NFT, which is issued by BNB Chain. It is worth mentioning that nine projects will be featured in the project launched by Thetan Arena.

Each project will offer participants numerous rewards, including the projects’ tokens, the OAT NFT badge for Project Galaxy, the CoinMarketCap diamond, and the grand prize of the How-to Web 3.0 OAT NFT badge, which will be issued by BNB Chain. The event is scheduled to launch on May 9 at 8 am UTC and closes on June 7 at 8 am.

How to Participate in the How-to Web3 Learn-and-Earn Campaign

Participants can take part in the event through any of the participating projects. It is important to have a KYC-verified Binance ID to be eligible to earn rewards from this campaign. Here’s how to participate on different platforms.


The event will launch on CoinMarketCap on May 9 and participants are expected to participate in the different activities scheduled on the platform. Participants are required to take 9 lessons covering nine projects combined in a single extensive course.

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Each lesson comes with 3 quizzes, making a total of 27 quizzes. You must take these quizzes on the platform and if you get 27 correct answers, you are eligible to be randomly selected to get tokens from one project among the nine projects. The rewards will be shared with winners’ BEP-20 wallet addresses.

Project Galaxy

Participants can progress to Project Galaxy after completing the CoinMarketCap session. The activities on Project Galaxy start on May 9 too and the activities will help users to earn tokens from projects, get the OAT NFT badge from BNB Chain, and an OAT NFT badge on Project Galaxy.

The activities involve the completion of the Thetan Arena’s homework on the platform. You can claim your OAT badge after completing the homework.

The users that get all 27 answers from the quizzes on CoinMarketCap correctly and also get all nine OAT badges from all nine projects on Project Galaxy will be able to claim their OAT NFT badges from BNB Chain from June 15 at 9 am UTC.

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