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Monsta Infinite Introduces the Tapwar Features

Monsta Infinite is introducing the Tapwar features 101. It will serve as a guide that players can use during battle. This tutorial comes after the team launched this new gameplay attribute. Especially after the community gave feedback on being confused about how to employ this new dimension.

Details of the Monsta Infinite Tapwar Features 101

The Monsta Infinite Tapwar features different gameplay dimensions and assets. These new attributes involve the following power-ups:


As its name states, the shield is a defensive mechanism that protects part of your Soul Points from a Tap or Soul Steal attack. However, the amount of protection the Souls in a full shield offers depends on the number of points you accumulate. This implies that having higher points means getting enormous security.

To fill up your shield, you can either accumulate soul points or purchase recharge at the Tapshop in the marketplace. You can also visit the helpdesk or view this video tutorial to guide you on how to go about it.


Monsta Infinite Blessing of Ancestor

Besides protecting yourself during battle, you can also request help by summoning an ancestor. Hit multiple combinations during gameplay to collect souls and fill up the summoning bar. Using this feature will enable you to receive rewards such as Runewords.

Ancestors favour the most hard-working monsta. Elves practice this act daily to invoke higher beings in Rhea. Besides the Runewords, the Blessing of Ancestors helps you open Fortune Crates that house potent items that can assist you during battle. During special events, you can probably win limited-edition NFTs that will serve future in-game uses.


As mentioned above, you can get Runewords when summoning. However, these assets will become even more essential when the infinite Play campaign ends. This is because players would use them for other battles in Tapwar. Therefore, the team encourages everyone to gather as many as possible before this limited campaign ends.

Fortune Crate

With Fortune Crates, users can get drops of the following rarity levels<: common, uncommon, rare, epic and legendary. These items are unique and play vital roles during battles. They can also be used tributes to the god of Shani in return for $STT.

As stated earlier, you can only open these mystery boxes by summoning an Ancestor. These NFTs are currently up for grabs during different events and will be available in the Tapshop soon.

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