Axie Infinity Origins Season 8 Goes Live Tomorrow: Everything You Need To Know
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Axie Infinity Origins Season 8 Goes Live Tomorrow: Everything You Need To Know


  • Axie Origins Season 8 begins with significant adjustments to board rewards and collectible events.
  • Changes to prize distribution for collectible boards and events based on community feedback.
  • Game and store updates, including balance changes and Axies pack promotions.

Axie Infinity, the popular blockchain-based game, is about to launch its long-awaited Axie Origins Season 8, with a number of significant changes designed to improve the gaming experience and reward the gaming community.

One of the highlights of this new season is the distribution of rewards on the boards.

After receiving feedback from the community, the development team has decided to adjust the prize distribution to benefit the top 30,000 players, instead of the 100,000 as previously announced.

This is complemented by a prize increase for the Elite 8 tournament, which now boasts a prize pool of 3,000 AXS, giving top players the opportunity to earn even more rewards.

Another important aspect that has undergone changes is collectible events.

Based on community feedback, adjustments have been made to the eligibility criteria and rewards to make them more inclusive and exciting for all players.

Additionally, changes have been made to the prize distribution for collectibles events, ensuring that those who actively participate are adequately rewarded for their efforts.

Axie Infinity Origins Season 8 Goes Live Tomorrow: Everything You Need To Know

Along with these changes, Axie Infinity has implemented updates to the game and the store

This includes balance adjustments to improve gameplay, such as reducing the turn timer after receiving negative feedback from the community during the preseason.

Additionally, in-store promotions, such as discounts on Axies starter packs, have been introduced to make the game more accessible to new players.

Axie Origins Season 8 promises to be exciting and full of new opportunities for players.

With adjustments to reward distribution, improved collectible events, and in-game and store updates, the Axie Infinity team is committed to making this season the best one yet.

With continued feedback from the community, they are working to ensure that Axie Infinity remains an exciting and satisfying game for all its players.

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