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Ronin Discloses Amazing Details About The Upcoming Kaidro Spark Suit NFT Mint


  • Kaidro announces the upcoming launch of its Spark Suit NFT mint on April 9th, aiming to expand its platform and strengthen its community.
  • The Spark Suits represent unique battle outfits for Mechs in Kaidro, expressing loyalty to different clans and granting benefits within the virtual universe.
  • The minting process will be divided into two stages: the Whitelist, limited to selected groups, and the public stage, open to anyone with a Ronin wallet, each with its own restrictions and specific costs.

Kaidro platform has announced the upcoming launch of its Spark Suit NFT mint. This event, scheduled for April 9th, will significantly contribute to the platform’s expansion, fostering the relationship with current users and boosting the arrival of new enthusiasts.

Spark Suit NFTs represent unique battle outfits for Mechs in the world of Kaidro. They serve as a way to express loyalty to different clans within the platform. Each Spark Suit belongs to a specific clan, such as Grimbone, Emerald Hand, or Bubblegum Violence, each with its own distinctive characteristics. The outfits are not merely aesthetic items but also grant users a series of benefits and privileges within Kaidro’s virtual universe.

The minting process will take place in two stages, starting with the Whitelist, which will be open to selected groups, such as Kaidro Journal NFT holders and Mystic Axie holders. During this phase, each Spark Suit will cost $50 RON and will be limited to one mint per wallet. Subsequently, the public stage will open, allowing anyone with a Ronin wallet to mint up to 5 Spark Suits per wallet. This second stage will have a specific time limit.

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The Benefits Offered by the Kaidro Spark Suits

Acquiring these NFTs will provide users with exclusive access to special missions for their Mechs and the possibility of obtaining higher rewards. Additionally, it will contribute to the ongoing development of the Kaidro universe. Investors will be supporting the creation of the Kaidro animated series. Based on the manga and webtoon ‘Kaidro: The Awakening,’ and helping to shape the future of the series and comics.

Kaidro continues its mission to offer a unique and immersive user experience. The launch of the Spark Suits is expected to mark a key step in the platform’s evolution. Attracting new users and further strengthening its global community.

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