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My Master War IGO Launch Set for October 4, 2021

Play-to-earn games are becoming more and more popular with each passing day. Different game publishers are trying to outdo each other and offer more to players. One publisher that is joining the competition is GameFi. It will launch the My Master War game.

My Master War will give other games a run for their money. The game is a DeFi and NFT gaming ecosystem that uses the profit sharing and play-to-earn system.

The gameplay of My Master War

From time immemorial, human beings have always wanted to rule over the world and take charge of it. For them to be able to accomplish this feat, they must greatly improve themselves physically and mentally. Without doing that, they will not be able to master the universe.

To help solve this problem, the best scientists researched and created the best genes in the history of humanity. Players will have to travel through space and time to create bottles. these bottles will help them fine-tune themselves into elites. It is only by becoming elites that players can rule the universe.

In the first part of the game, My Master War will take off in the middle ages. In this stage players will have to navigate through an era when the world was still very crude. After successfully completing the middle ages, players will venture into the future. This is a time where they will no longer need mobile devices or computers to play the game.

In this phase, players will be able to transform themselves into gods in a virtual world and create new worlds. In these virtual metaverse empires, they will have improved strength and abilities with which they will be able to conquer the world.

My master war

The game will feature Heroes, Monsters, Tavern, and resources that should utilize strategically. Heroes are the players of the game who improve themselves with every challenge.

Furthermore, players get to share their stories with one another at the tavern. Part of the gameplay is Monsters out to harm the world. Stopping them will see heroes earn valuable resources and rewards.

While playing the game, you can choose generals to oversie your armies. You can also devise strategies to employ, build the preferred armies and the battles you would like to fight in.

Over the course of gameplay, players can earn tokens via various ways. This includes staking the MAT token, winning challenges played in the game and inviting other people to play the game. You can also trade NFTs collected or won in the course of gameplay.

The major difference between My Master War and other play-to-earn games is the zero-entry point. Players do not have to spend any money to start playing the game. Furthermore, GameFi is also assuring members of its commitment to building sustainable ecosystems and communities.

Therefore, it will carefully consider the necessary token metrics. This will include the total number of tokens, allocation ratio and token lock rate.

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