PANGU Ecoland Enters The Sandbox Metaverse
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PANGU Enters The Sandbox Metaverse

The Sandbox game is constantly expanding through various partnerships. With the latest being with PANGU – a subdivision of the Kengal metaverse agency. Upon entry, it will bring its own unique experience. Alongside the experience, the PANGU ECOLAND’ Exclusive NFT Drop will also be coming to the Sandverse.

Details of the PANGU Introduction to The Sandbox Metaverse

On the 14th of June 2022, PANGU will be entering The Sandbox Metaverse. Alongside the debut, the ECOLAND NFTs will also be coming to the Sandverse. This will feature 30 high quality assets that will feature in the upcoming experience. As an exclusive occurrence, only those with these non-fungible tokens will be able to enjoy this content. However, this is not the end. This branch of the agency will be announcing more updates as it will be expanding its section in the virtual world.

Kengal is known for offering business development and marketing solutions for blockchain gaming projects. This includes strategic planning, the conception of NFTs and trading, gaming and social experience. However, it is taking a different turn with this venture. It is now shifting focus to expanding environmental sustainability, social engagement and engagement. As such, users should expect charity themed interactions and assets creation.

About The Sandbox

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The Sandbox is a blockchain play-to-earn style game in which the user can enter a virtual world. Where they get to interact with other players, create objects and even attend events. The Sandverse offers an immersive gaming experience that aims to bring reality to the blockchain world. The Sandbox began its development in 2012 by the company Animoca Brands.

The Sandbox allows you to create, buy and sell all kinds of game items and “land parcels“. These are physical spaces within the Metaverse. Taking advantage of the benefits of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) players will have real ownership of everything they do within the game, being able to monetize it through the Marketplace. The native cryptocurrency of The Sandbox is SAND.

About PANGU & the Kenal Group

PANGU is the Web3.0 and Metaverse agency branch of the Kenal Group. Kenal Group is a comprehensive creative agency that has been providing all-rounded marketing solutions since 2008. Despite being one of the newest arm of the company, it is growing at an exponential pace. This subdivision has already getting recognition as the Metaverse Agency of The Sandbox Game. It is offering various services from planning, creating and crafting unique experience and digital assets for its diverse clients.

More information can be found on the company’s website:

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