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How to Get Free NFTs – 5 Best Ways

While most NFTs are available for sale, it is still possible to earn NFTs for free. If this is your goal, then you must take advantage of the best available opportunities. 

However, while at it, you must guide against the scam being perpetrated by some platforms in the name of offering free NFTs. In this post, you will learn five legitimate ways to get free NFTs. 

  1. Get Free NFTs through Play-to-Earn Games

This is one of the common ways you can earn free NFTs. Many free-to-play NFT-based games allow players to play their games for free and then earn NFTs. Some decentralized games have an upfront investment. This requires that you buy an NFT to start playing the game. 

As you continue to play the game, you begin to earn free NFTs or crypto. Some of these games that can significantly increase your NFT portfolio include The Sandbox, Axie Infinity, and Mist NFTs. You can also explore Sorare, a play-to-earn game that combines NFTs with Fantasy Soccer and Ethereum rewards. 

You can collect NFTs and free cards to begin the game and also use these cards to earn crypto. The WAX network has also gained popularity for its NFT games, such as Farmers World and Alien Worlds. These games allow players to buy or earn free NFTs by completing tasks on the game platform. 

free NFTs

  1. NFT Airdrops

Gaming platforms often include airdrops as part of their token launches. NFT airdrops are generally spread over many months to encourage interested persons to keep or purchase their tokens. It is worth mentioning that some tokens have more value than others. 

Some other tokens become insignificant with time. Therefore, it is crucial to understand the reputation of the gaming platform offering the NFTs before you sign up for it. Check the roadmap of the company and what users are saying about them. 

Truth be told, it is difficult to know NFT projects that will succeed or fail after launch. However, you should take note of some glaring signs that may show that the NFT airdrop is not worth your time and investment.

Free NFTs

  1. NFT Giveaways

NFT projects often reward the participation of their members by giving them free digital items. For instance, a lot of discord communities in the NFT domain give free NFTs to members of their communities

You will find ample information about giveaways through the Telegram and Twitter pages of these NFT projects. The majority of gaming metaverses announce NFT giveaways on their Twitter pages regularly. You can check ongoing offers by using hashtags with NFT to find different offers. 

The good thing is that it is easy to get these NFTs as all you have to do is to comment, like, or share a post to stand a chance to win a digital item. You may also want to follow some NFT projects on Twitter and Telegram to get up-to-date information about their giveaways and other offers they have for their community members.

  1. NFT Minting

Many new NFT projects offer free mints to attract stakeholders to their platforms and grow quickly. Although these NFTs are offered for free, you have to pay the gas fee for minting the piece on the blockchain. You should understand that some blockchains are more expensive than others. 

For instance, minting on Ethereum can cost much because of the increasing cost of gas fees. Some platforms also allow free minting. For example, the layer 2 solution of Polygon allows users to mint, transfer, and buy NFTs on the Polygon blockchain almost free of charge. The great part is that you can sell the NFT you mint on Polygon in ETH value.

free NFTs

  1. NFT Breeding

Many NFT-based projects also encourage users to buy more NFT to create more valuable digital assets. This is NFT breeding. Popular projects like Axie Infinity and CryptoKitties use this method to create other digital assets on their platforms. 

For instance, you can create new Axies by hatching an Axie egg to create Axies with your preferred traits. All you need are two Axies to hatch a new offspring for free.

Final Thoughts

While the future of NFT is unpredictable, vital signs show that the industry will continue to grow and go beyond the association with gaming and art. If you desire to build an NFT portfolio, there is no better time to start than now. This post reveals five different ways to get NFT for free right away.

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