Lunacia Cup: A New Racing Game with Axies
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Lunacia Cup: A New Racing Game with Axies

Fans of Axie Infinity, the popular blockchain game featuring cute and collectible creatures, have a new reason to celebrate. Lunacia Cup, a racing game developed by Series V Gamelabs, is the first game that allows players to race with their own Axies in a colorful and chaotic world.

Lunacia Cup is inspired by classic kart games but with a twist. Each part of the Axie’s body serves as an item that can be used during the race. For example, a horn can be used to attack other racers, a tail can be used to boost speed, and a mouth can be used to heal. 

To use these items, players need to collect energy on the track and choose the right moment to activate them. The game features different modes, such as single-player, multiplayer, and tournament. Players can also customize their Axies with different skins and accessories. 

Players Can Bring Their Axies to the Lunacia Cup

Lunacia Cup: A New Racing Game with Axies

The game is integrated with the Axie Infinity ecosystem, meaning that players can use their existing Axies and earn rewards in the form of tokens and NFTs. Lunacia Cup is currently in beta testing and is expected to launch in early 2024.

Players can sign up for the beta test and get more information on the official website. They can also follow the game’s updates on Twitter or watch the first look trailer on YouTube. Lunacia Cup is a game that combines the charm of Axie Infinity with the excitement of kart racing. 

The Lunacia Cup offers a range of game modes designed to familiarize players with the controls, tracks, and various types of Axies available for an immersive Lunacian experience. 

These competitive, skill-based matchups provide players with an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the intricacies of the tracks, develop their unique playing style, and learn how to effectively utilize their individual set of special skill cards. This ensures that the gameplay remains engaging and enjoyable at all times.

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