Derby Stars $DSRUN Airdrop Set for 3rd August
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Derby Stars $DSRUN Airdrop Set for 3rd August

Derby Stars has announced the upcoming $DSRUN Airdrop. This comes just after the team listed its in-game currency on the Bybit Exchange. Considering the success of the event, the game is rewarding everyone that contributed to the listing of the token.

While making the announcements, the team also shared insights into the upcoming migration. The reason is that individuals who do not migrate their horses from Terra Classic may not be eligible for this airdrop. Meanwhile, the migration page is not available at the moment. This is because the team is working towards introducing a new migration process.

Meanwhile, those who are yet to migrate their assets will get another opportunity to do so. In addition, Derby Stars will issue a new policy regarding this process in a subsequent blog post. Anyone interested in this airdrop must migrate their Horse NFTs before February 2024. Furthermore, anyone who owns horses in Terra Classic will no longer be eligible to receive tokens once the vesting period of 6 months is over.

Schedule of the Derby Stars $DSRUN Airdrop

Schedule of the Derby Stars $DSRUN Airdrop

Derby Stars had earlier announced that it would be distributing $DSRUN to Origin Horse holders via an airdrop. This is because these individuals are the pioneers of the community from the initial stages. Keeping to its promises, the team is sharing the schedule that this process will follow.

The $DSRUN airdrop will begin with a snapshot by 00:00 AM UTC+0 on the 1st of August. After taking the screenshot of players’ wallets, the team will release the first batch of tokens by 10:00 AM UTC+0 on the 3rd of August.

From then on, the team will take snapshots of players’ wallets from the first day of every month. With the details from this snapshot, Derby Stars will distribute tokens to those that are eligible for it. Players will earn the following number of tokens according to the rarity of their horses.

This is as shown below:

  • Common Horse: 150 DSRUN.
  • Rare 1 Horse: 250 DSRUN.
  • Rare 2 Horse: 350 DSRUN.
  • Rare 3 Horse: 450 DSRUN.
  • Rare 4 Horse: 550 DSRUN.
  • Rare 5 Horse: 650 DSRUN.
  • Rare 6 Horse: 750 DSRUN.
  • Rare 7 Horse: 1,000 DSRUN.
  • Rare 8 Horse: 1,250 DSRUN.
  • Unique Horse: 5,000 DSRUN.

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