Preserving History: Nintendo 64 Emulator Inscribed on the Bitcoin Blockchain
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Bitcoin Revolutionizes Gaming: N64 Emulator Embedded in Blockchain by On-Chain Ninjas


  • Bitcoin-enrolled Nintendo 64 emulator with Brotli compression.
  • Legal preservation of classic games on the blockchain.
  • Potential for online multiplayer gaming on the Bitcoin network.

The world of classic video games has taken a leap into the future thanks to the initiative of a group of enthusiasts known as Pizza Ninjas, who have managed to register a Nintendo 64 console emulator on the Bitcoin network.

This milestone marks a significant step forward in preserving the history of arcade video games, using blockchain technology to ensure these classics endure for future generations.

Ninjalerts CEO Trevor Owens excitedly announced this achievement, explaining that thanks to the new Brotli compression in the Ordinals protocol, enrolling a larger system like the Nintendo 64 is now more feasible than ever.

This technology allows file sizes to be reduced significantly, facilitating their storage in the Bitcoin blockchain.

A notable example is the iconic game Goldeneye 64, which originally takes up 12.4 MB, but thanks to Brotli, can be reduced to 3.15 MB.

This means the game can be stored within a single Bitcoin block or split into several smaller transactions.

Logor makes the process more accessible and economical for users.

It is important to note that the team makes sure not to violate copyright when submitting games that are currently protected.

Instead, they focus on selecting games that are in the public domain, ensuring that the entire process is legal and ethical.

The choice to register a Nintendo 64 emulator is not random; Owens highlights that this console is unique for its DRM-free multiplayer gaming capabilities.

This allows the team to develop online multiplayer features that will last over time, offering new ways to enjoy these classics even in the digital age.

Although it will still take time to fully implement these new features, the Pizza Ninjas team took advantage of low network fees to enroll as many files as possible, anticipating an increase in fees after the Bitcoin halving.

This project not only represents a technological milestone, but also a significant effort to preserve the history and culture of video games.

Thanks to the combination of blockchain technology and the passion for classic games, these digital treasures can be enjoyed by generations to come.

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