Arcade Mode: Summer Fight: Axie Infinity’s Sizzling Showdown Under the Sun
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Arcade Mode: Summer Fight: Axie Infinity’s Sizzling Showdown Under the Sun


  • Fight in the Heat with Special Summer Mechanics: A new limited-time game mode arrives from June 26th to August 21st. As you battle, both you and your opponent will be affected by the scorching “Heat Wave” debuff, which damages your creatures over time.
  • Earn Summer Tickets and Redeem Exclusive Rewards: Victories in the Summer Fight are rewarded with Summer Tickets, a new currency you can use in the Summer Shop.
  • Shape the Future of Axie Infinity by Participating: The developers are inviting players to actively participate in the Summer Fight and provide feedback. This is your chance to influence the development of the game mode and help shape the ultimate Axie Infinity experience.

Axie Infinity, the popular play-to-earn blockchain game, is turning up the heat this summer with its highly anticipated Arcade Mode: Summer Fight. From June 26, 2024, at 3:30 UTC to August 21, 2024, players will battle it out in scorching battles, vying for victory and exclusive rewards. Let’s plunge into the details of this thrilling update.

Summer Fight Details

Buffs & Debuffs

  • Heat Wave [Mode Debuff]: Applied to both players
    • Starting from turn 5, each player’s turn begins with a Dispel: 1 effect on all units, causing them to lose 10% of their current HP. This effect doubles from turn 11 onward.
  • Beach Ball [Buff]:
    • Gain 1 stack when an Axie plays a card, with an additional stack per Energy Spent.
    • At the end of the enemy’s turn, deal 5 damage per stack to one enemy Axie. If possible, transfer the Beach Ball to another random allied Axie.
  • Summer Breeze [Buff]:
    • Gain 1 stack when other allies play a card, with a bonus stack per Energy Spent.
    • At the start of the enemy’s turn, gain 5 Shield per stack and 1 Bulwark per 10 stacks.
  • Cool Rain:
    • Gain 1 stack when enemies play a card, with a bonus stack per Energy Spent.
    • At the start of your turn, heal 2 HP per stack and create a Mini Healing Pulse.

Tool Cards

Arcade Mode: Summer Fight: Axie Infinity’s Sizzling Showdown Under the Sun

At the beginning of each battle, players receive 2 out of 4 powerful Tool Cards randomly added to their hand. These Tool Cards play a crucial role in turning the tide of battle and helping players survive the unforgiving Heat Wave.

Introducing Summer Tickets

Victory in the Summer Fight event comes with a handsome reward: Summer Tickets! Here’s how they’re earned:

  • Win: Earn 60 Tickets
  • Draw: Earn 30 Tickets
  • Lose: No rewards

The Summer Shop awaits, offering a variety of enticing rewards for players to spend their hard-earned tickets on. From crafting materials for Runes and Charms to stylish borders, avatars, and stickers, there’s something for every type of player. Don’t miss out on the limited-time Summer 2023 cosmetics, making a comeback exclusively in the Summer Shop.

Final Thoughts

Axie Infinity invites players to embrace the scorching Heat Wave and prove their mettle in the Summer Fight. As the team puts the finishing touches on this exciting game mode, they eagerly await player feedback. Share your thoughts, suggestions, and questions—it’s your chance to shape the ultimate Axie experience. Get ready to battle, collect tickets, and make this summer unforgettable.

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