Bases of Contests, Raffles and Giveaway


The sole purpose of the Contests, Raffles and Giveaways held at CryptoGames3D, hereinafter CG3D, is to promote our project and reach the widest possible audience. We want to take this opportunity to thank all those who participate in this type of event and wish them luck.

General features

1. Contact

If you want to contact us you can do so through

2. Start and end dates

Each Contest, Sweepstakes or Giveaway has an independent date, so you should pay attention to each publication in particular.

3. Mechanics

Contests: CG3D will request that users who want to participate carry out a task, whether it is to enhance a drawing, a piece of writing, a video or anything that comes to mind to make the event entertaining, the CG3D team will be in charge of choose the winners.

Raffles: Raffles will require participants to perform one or more actions, such as following on social networks, commenting, mentioning friends. etc. the participants who have done all the requested actions may be chosen as winners, in this type of event we will use external programs to select the winner or winners.

Giveaways: As in the raffles, in the Giveaways the participants will be required to carry out one or more actions, all the participants who have carried out all the requested actions may be chosen as winners, in this type of event we will use external programs to select the winner or winners.

Others: If a project wants us to hold an event on its behalf, the way to participate and the selection of the winners could be stipulated by the project in question.

4. Requirements to participate

Participation is prohibited for those under 18 years of age.

5. Number of winners and prizes offered

The number of winners and the prize offered will be independent in each of the events held, if any of the winners do not respond to the messages sent to collect the prize, it will be added to the jackpot to increase the value of the next prize.

6. Winner notification mechanisms

The CG3D team will contact the winners through their social networks or using the email they used to register for the draw. This contact will be made within a maximum period of 7 days after the end of the event.

7. Assignment of image rights and/or intellectual property

All participants will assign the intellectual property rights of any material delivered for the events in which they participate. CG3D may use this material in its publications, whether in articles or on social networks.

To publish the winners of the events, the participants accept that CG3D mentions them in their social networks.

8. Possible suspensions or extensions

If due to force majeure we are forced to suspend or extend any of our events, participants will be notified as soon as possible through our social networks and we will present a solution to the problem that has been found.

9. Penalties and disqualifications

CG3D reserves the right to refuse participation, disqualify or penalize users who do not comply with the rules, use copied or plagiarized material, make use of multi-accounts or have incorrect conduct with the rest of the participants.

10. Disclaimer clause

The improper use of the prize by the winners is solely and exclusively their responsibility, CG3D is not responsible in any way for such acts.

11. Acceptance of the Bases

The fact of participating in any of our contests, raffles or events of any kind, means full acceptance of the bases described here.

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