Chain Games (CHAIN)

Chain Games (CHAIN) is a decentralized blockchain gaming platform that brings together multiple projects and players. Its goal is to provide players with a reward system with real payments through cryptocurrencies, which encourages participation and improves the attractiveness of the games.

Chain Games (CHAIN) wants to take blockchain gaming to the next level. With the exponential growth of the eSports industry, the platform aims to professionalize Web3 gaming as well. For that it combines smart contracts-based contests with tournaments and games with crypto prizes.

There are several games of various genres. Some of them are: Super Crypto Kart, Chainblox, 21 Wild, Chaino and Solitarie Plus. It also has an important community of players of Call of Duty, FIFA, Halo, and more.

The platform’s native token is CHAIN, which can be staked for rewards.


0.015 USD$ -1.85%
0.015 USD$
24h Range
0.040 USD$

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