DeFi Land (DFL)

DeFi Land (DFL) is a game that seeks to bring Decentralized Finance to a game scenario. That is, to convert the features and applications of a traditional platform into a game with which the user can interact. Offering in this way, a completely different and fun experience.

Its main objective is to bring the DeFi world to novice users, from a game in which they can carry out any investment and financial activity related to cryptocurrencies. Within the game it is possible to Stake tokens, swap different cryptocurrencies, make profits from Liquidity Pools, buy NFTs and many other things.

DeFi Land (DFL) is based on a farming simulation game, in which players must take care of and grow their farm. They can collaborate or compete with other players in the online multiplayer mode.

DFL is the platform’s native utility token. It is used both for in-game transactions and for participating in the projects governance.


0.0015 USD$ 2.16%
0.0015 USD$
24h Range
0.0100 USD$

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