DogemonGo (DOGO)

DogemonGo is a play-to-earn and move-to-earn metaverse in which users can get tokens as rewards for playing, fighting with their NFTs, owning land in the virtual world and even walking in real life.

It has very similar mechanics to the popular AR game PokemonGo. In DogemonGo, to get started, users must own a NFT known as RocketShoes. With this NFT, users access to the walk-to-earn reward system.

In addition, while walking in the real world, users can capture NFT creatures called Dogemons, with which they can then fight against other users for more tokens.

To maximize profits and get higher returns, users can buy their own lands within the metaverse. This gives access to more and better rewards.

DogemonGo has 2 native cryptocurrencies: $DOGE and $FRO.


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