Fear (FEAR)

Fear (FEAR) is the only Play-to-earn game ecosystem focused specifically on the horror genre. This horror ecosystem offers the FEAR token as a reward, so horror fans can enjoy their favorite games while receiving real earnings.

Fear (FEAR) differs from other similar platforms by bringing the horror genre closer to the blockchain world. Which they achieve with a specialized team, which has already developed the popular Whack It games. With which it is attracting millions of users to the P2E ecosystem.

The platform currently has a number of games with excellent visual quality and gameplay. These are: ARAYA, a 3D adventure game with a gripping story; Clucking Hell, a survival shooter game; The Crypt, a farming game with a horror theme and dark humor; Blood Realms, a third-person action game where men and wolves interact; Whack The Demon, an interactive 2D game.

NFTs play a key role within the games and the FEAR ecosystem.


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