UniX (UNIX) is a decentralized platform that aims to develop the Play-to-earn Gaming industry and the Metaverse through a world-class Guild. The Guild seeks to bring players together to exploit the potential of P2E gaming, allowing the community to maximize profits through better investment and gaming strategies.

In addition, it seeks to develop competitive teams of players that can compete against other teams. Another important point is the scholarship system it manages, which currently has more than 5000 scholarships in 50+ different games.

The most important thing for UniX (UNIX) is to create an active community that has participation in the decisions regarding the future of the Guild, being more than 200 thousand members so far. For this purpose, it has created a DAO that allows a total decentralization of the platform.

Its native token is UNIX which can be obtained in Exchanges such as UniSwap, Bittrex and MEXC.


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