Vidya (VIDYA)

Vidya (VIDYA) is a platform that supports the development of blockchain applications and games from an environment that brings together players, developers and decentralized finance enthusiasts.

Vidya allows to create your own games from the decentralized tools it provides. The same with the development of decentralized applications (DApps) without having to program in Solidity. All this from smart contracts that developers can add to their projects.

Within the Vidya ecosystem there are not only Play-to-Earn, Play-to-Win and Play-for-Fun games, but also applications such as Decentralized Exchanges, NFT Marketplaces and Staking Platforms, among others.

VIDYA is the native token of the platform and is used for all internal transactions.


0.064 USD$ -3.85%
0.064 USD$
24h Range
0.140 USD$

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