ZooKeeper (ZOO)

ZOOKEPER is the platform that provides liquidity to the entire ZooEcosystem through the ZOO utility token, which is distributed as a reward to Liquidity Providers (LPs).

The ZooEcosystem is composed of 3 main platforms: Zookeeper, for liquidity mining, OPENZOO, a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) Marketplace and ZOOGAMES, a blockchain specially dedicated to game development.

On Zookeper, users can earn rewards in $ZOO tokens by providing liquidity to the ecosystem. In addition, they can use unique ZooNFTs to enhance LP farming and earn higher profits. These NFTs are known as ZooBoosters.

Zookeper also has a bridge that allows ZOO tokens and ZooNFTs to be sent across different blockchains.


0.0041 USD$ -7.69%
0.0041 USD$
24h Range
0.020 USD$

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