Shattered Legion Ambassador Program - All You Need To Know
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Shattered Legion Ambassador Program – All You Need To Know

The play to earn game, Shattered Legion, has launched its Ambassador Program for interested individuals. This initiative intends to promote transparency and improve communication. The reason is because the team believes that these measures will help to create better awareness among community members. It is only when people understand the ecosystem properly that they can become true representatives.

Furthermore, Shattered Legions wants to build solid partnerships with it’s members. This is because it acknowledges the potential within the community. As such, the team believes that this program will properly utilize the talent pool. That is why they are creating this program – to give people an enabling environment to contribute immensely towards the ecosystem’s growth.

Benefits for Selected Ambassadors

In return for their support and efforts, these ambassadors will earn various rewards. For example, these people will get priority access to updates on projects and product additions. This means they will be the first to try new products and get access to upcoming whitelists.

As these people test new products, they are expected to share their feedback and opinion with the developers. The developers will use their reviews to improve these the game, NFTs, etc. In other words, these individuals will be significant contributors to the ecosystem development.

Meanwhile, anyone who is selected to join this program will gain valuable experience in terms of building a GameFi ecosystem. These people will be opportune to interact with industry executives and other web3 experts. This initiative offers a significant opportunity for Ambassadors to grow their network.

How to Join the Shattered Legion Ambassador Program

How to Join the Shattered Legion Ambassador Program

Before joining the Shattered Legion Ambassador Program, interested people must meet specific requires. Meeting these requirements ensures that they are good fits. One of the major requirements is that users have a significant following on social media.

The reason is that Shattered Legions needs individuals who can help them reach a large audience. Furthermore, their social influence is also integral for building partnership with appropriate stakeholders.

In addition to social media followers, these persons must also possess excellent communication skills. The reason is that they will be creating awareness about the ecosystem through several channels. They are required to deliver accurate promotional messages and create a good image of the project.

Anyone who meets these criteria mentioned above and is interested in becoming an ambassador should send an email to They will receive further details on the next steps with regard to their application.

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