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Axie Infinity Issues Origin Update

Earlier in May, Axie Infinity launched the game on android and iOS devices. Following that release, it is issuing an update to further improve gameplay in the new Origin ecosystem. This will include changes to ensure a better gameplay. It will also involve the introduction of certain features to foster premium user experience.

Details of the Axie Infinity Origin Updates

To enable this upgrade, the game will be closed by 3 AM EST on the 27th of May 2022. According to Axie Infinity, majority of this update will focus on fixing bugs within the Origin ecosystem. The dev team recognizes that there is need for card balancing and will focus on doing so.

Speaking of card adjustments, there will be quite. For example, Nimo will now heal 40 HP instead of 36. Instead of this Axie gaining 1 Energy it will Target any ally and employ the Banish boost . Furthermore, Koi will now deal 95 damage instead of 110. In similar fashion, Topaz will now deal 5 damage instead of 25. Wall Geck will now cause an Axie to lose 50 HP and take 30% damage for 4 turns.

As for the Runes, there will not be much changes. It only involve the Endless Rage, where users will gain 2 rage when their turn starts. It now grants 3 bonus damage when in use. The reason is to update the description to match the intention behind this Rune.

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Charms on the other hand are equally experiencing a overhaul in terms of effect. The reason is that Banish and Ethereal are often positive effects. As such, there is no need in using them to increase a card’s value. Another reason for these changes is to ensure that the description of these assets matches their in-game effect.

Other Improvements to Gameplay

Players that go first will once again have 3 energy in Arena mode. However, they will now unable to use attack cards on the first turn

  • There will be an additional Login via QR code
  • During a challenge, the player who initiates the challenge be the one will always go first
  • Spectating a game will now feature a 4 turn delay to any spectator
  • Charms will no longer work if you are trying to equip non-compatible cards
  • Draw card effects will now draw the card before dealing DMG. Thereby removing the infinite draw card exploit
  • Using a 0 Energy draw card effect will now correctly end turn when the turn timer is up
  • If you have not selected a card, you will not be able to use the Submit button.
  • The Fear on multi-target attacks will now only shuffle in 1 Confuse card

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