Chain Guardians (CGG)

Chain Guardians (CGG) is a platform that seeks to encourage the mass adoption of blockchain gaming through an immersive experience. Chain Guardians is controlled by the users themselves, who have a voice and a vote when it comes to making decisions on different issues of the project’s development.

Chain Guardians features a free-to-play NFT minting platform and an RPG-style game. In both, players can generate real income.

The game is set in the year 2073 in a galaxy called CipherSpace. It is under attack by the Gatekeepers, who seek to dominate all the planets to extract all their energy and resources.
Players must join the resistance, led by Bitsee, and fight to regain control of CipherSpace.

The platform’s native token, CGG, can be used for staking, governance and in-game payments.


0.023 USD$ 3.24%
0.023 USD$
24h Range
0.110 USD$

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