Materium (MTRM) is the main token that moves the economy of the open world fantasy game Mirandus.

In this game, players have the opportunity to do whatever they want, there are no maps or quests to complete, it’s just you against a world of possibilities.

But everything is not as simple as it seems, within the Mirandus universe you can serve as an assistant to the king, get money through battles against monsters or even if you want something a little softer, you can open your own store in the citadel and generate income from it, only you are responsible for generating your own money!

The land of Mirandus is a very dangerous place, but the more risks you are willing to take, the greater the rewards.

There are 5 different races from which you can choose: Elf, Halfing, Orc, Dwarf and Human.


0.106 USD$ -15.28%
0.106 USD$
24h Range
0.130 USD$

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