Revomon (REVO)

Revomon (REVO) is a metaverse RPG game that combines NFTs with Virtual Reality (VR) technology to create a highly immersive gaming environment. In the Revomon (REVO) metaverse, players can explore, catch creatures known as Revomons and fight in strategy battles, while socializing in an all-encompassing virtual world.

Each Revomon has its own characteristics that make it different from the rest, and make it unique for battle. Revomon Tamers must catch them within the metaverse, train them and can trade them in the game’s Marketplace. Revomon traded in this way become NFT collectible cards.

Within the game there are 3 factions with different purposes and functions within the game’s lore. The Scientists, in charge of studying and cataloguing the Revomons; The Secret Society, an elite group that considers the Revomons only as tools; and The Anarchists, who use the Revomons to disturb the peace.

The native token of this metaverse is $REVO, which has a maximum supply of 100 million units.


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