Treasure Under Sea (TUS)

Treasure Under Sea (TUS) is the token that moves the economy of the incredible NFT game, Crabada. Wich it can be earned by playing.

Crabada is a game based on a universe of crabs. The game has different modes, including what is known as Mining Party, in which a player sends a group of 3 crabs (crabadas) on expeditions lasting 3 hours to collect treasures. These treasures are CRA and TUS, the tokens of the game.

In addition, teams of crabadas can be sent to try to loot the treasures of other players. In the near future, crabada intends to increase its game modes as its decentralized ecosystem grows.

As mentioned, the game has two tokens CRA (Crabada), the gorbernanza cryptocurrency and TUS (Treasure Under Sea), the in-game token.


0.000021 USD$ 4.15%
0.00 USD$
24h Range
0.00 USD$

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