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Nakamoto Games Launches Over 50 Playable Games on Telegram

Nakamoto Games took a groundbreaking step in the gaming and blockchain industry by introducing its innovative $NAKA ecosystem on Telegram.

This launch, accessible through @NAKAGamesBot, introduces over 50 games to Telegram’s extensive user base, surpassing 800 million, solidifying Nakamoto Games as a leader in cutting-edge gaming experiences.

With Phase I of the strategic rollout, a new era opens for Telegram users. Simply by tagging @NAKAGamesBot, players can delve into both free-to-play and Play-to-Earn games directly within the messaging app. This integration not only simplifies access but also broadens gaming possibilities for the Telegram community.

The Play-to-Earn model, a cornerstone in the $NAKA ecosystem, is now within reach of all Telegram users through @NAKAGamesBot. Prize distributions are seamlessly executed, credited directly to players’ Nakamoto Games platform accounts.

By syncing their existing accounts with Telegram through the bot, users can start earning rewards immediately. Free-to-play games are readily available through @NAKAGamesBot. Newcomers can begin playing on Telegram and later link their gaming activities to a dedicated platform account.

Nakamoto Games ensures a comprehensive gaming experience across various devices. Users of macOS, iOS, and Android can enjoy games directly within the Telegram interface through @NAKAGamesBot. Windows users, while also accessing games via @NAKAGamesBot, initially play in a pop-up window due to current Telegram limitations.

This experience is set to evolve with plans for direct in-app gaming on Telegram for Windows users as soon as Telegram’s development team finalizes the necessary enhancements.

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Nakamoto Games Will Revolutionize Gaming Finances

Looking ahead, Phase II, scheduled for rollout at the end of the next month, promises to revolutionize gaming finance by introducing the world’s first Multicoin wallet integrated within Telegram. Prize distributions will transition from platform wallets to direct deposits in users’ Telegram wallets.

According to CoinMarketCap. Naka is currently trading at $1.34 per unit, although it experienced a slight decline in the last few days. It comes from a successful month, with a growth of over 83.4%. Its market capitalization is just over $97 million, and its trading volume is around $23 million.

Nakamoto Games is about to launch its Marketplace on Telegram, becoming the first-ever platform for NFT and in-game goods trading within the app via @NAKAGamesBot. This expands the gaming ecosystem and lays the groundwork for future developments, including the integration of NAKAVERSE 2.0.

Nakamoto Games’ ambition goes beyond Telegram, with plans to integrate its ecosystem across all major messaging apps and social platforms. This ambitious goal marks the beginning of a broader journey to revolutionize the gaming industry.

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