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The Sandbox Presents Year’s End Game Jam

The Sandbox “Year’s End Game Jam” offers creators and enthusiasts the chance to participate in an open contest for game development. The event serves as an invitation to immerse oneself in an ecosystem where gaming and culture converge, allowing creators to come together to shape the platform’s future and encourage collaborative construction of the metaverse.

On this occasion, participants are invited to join the Care Bears™️. Harmony Bear has sensed a disturbing energy approaching the Kingdom of Caring. The uncertainty about what is to come sparks intrigue and excitement.

What Requirements and Prizes Does The Sandbox Offer?

The Jam’s theme will be revealed on December 8th, marking the official start of the event. It’s essential to register before December 7th to take part in the competition. Participants will need an account on The Sandbox, and they are encouraged to download the Game Maker software, a crucial non-coded tool for creating games suitable for the contest. Additionally, VoxEdit, an optional tool for creating custom assets, is also available for free download.

True to The Sandbox’s style, the prizes are substantial, with the chance to win a share of the 50,000 SAND prize pool. The top three winners will receive 15,000 SAND, 8,000 SAND, and 5,000 SAND, respectively. Furthermore, there’s an opportunity for games to be published on the virtual estate of the Care Bears in The Sandbox, providing an additional exposure tool.

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It’s important to note that, to qualify for the top three spots, completing the Know Your Customer (KYC) process for the provided wallet in the registration form is necessary. This process ensures the validity of participants and is governed by the established Terms and Conditions.

The schedule spans from registrations on December 1st to the live award ceremony on Twitch on January 27th. The bug-fixing phase allows participants to adjust their games after the initial submission, ensuring playable and smooth final products.

Participation in The Sandbox Game Jams represents an opportunity to explore the ecosystem where creators and brands collaborate to shape the future of gaming. Additionally, due to the strict time constraints, these contests offer a unique chance to rapidly enrich one’s resume as a creator and showcase skills in a fast-growing environment.

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