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A Sneak Peek into NEAR’s Outlook on Web3 Gaming

NEAR, a climate-neutral, low-transaction fee, and high-speed Layer-1 blockchain shares its outlook on gaming and what it believes gaming should be. According to the enterprise, gaming is not only about delivering fun but more about engagement, and this is what the direction of Web3 gaming is towing. 

With the growth and adoption of Web3 gaming, NEAR believes gaming will no longer be just what is fun but also what gamers and developers comprehend is possible based on experimentation. 

NEAR’s Thoughts on Web2.5 Being the Bridge to Web3

According to NEAR, there are two camps of game developers – the Web2 game creators who focus solely on gameplay and developers who push further to do more but end up sacrificing playability.

It also revealed that many games in Web3 are a blend of Web2 and Web3, which delivers something like Web2.5 games. These games combine different aspects of what works on the blockchain and centralize everything else because it is more functional. 


How NEAR is Getting More Gamers to Adopt Web3 

NEAR reveals that the Human Guild of NEAR is at the fore of Web3 gaming. Vlad Grichina and Sasha Hudzilin from the blockchain protocol created it in 2021. The approach of these creators is to develop easy onboarding where players can earn doing what they love.

According to Hudzilin, one of the early builders on NEAR, the goal is to assist people to earn in crypto and participate in the online economy. The Human Guild helps game developers to create ideas, launch them on the mainnet, enhance their products, and broaden an already strong and supportive community of developers. 

Indie vs. AAA Game Platforms in Web3

NEAR reveals that the most popular Web3 games currently have about 200,000 active wallets where Web2 mobile games have more than 100 million users conservatively. According to Hudzilin from NEAR, the reason for this is most creativity in Web3 game development stems from smaller indie studios.

Therefore, Human Guild is beginning to focus more on these Indie game developers because they can work on smaller budgets with higher creativity.

According to the blockchain, there are possibilities that Web3 game developers on NEAR’s carbon-neutral protocol or other protocols will continue to redefine what is possible in the market. This is what gamers, both current and future, can anticipate. 

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