Gamium The Future of Human Interactions
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Gamium: The Future of Human Interactions

As it approaches its 1st anniversary, Gamium outlines how it has become the future of human interactions. Within this short time, the project has reached and surpassed various milestones. It is now the most promising program within the web3 and metaverse niche.

Below is the breakdown of its achievements:

Gamium: The Future of Human Interactions

Gamium is a web3 startup that aims to become the future of human interactions. While nurturing this idea, the team discovered that internet 2.0 was very limiting, especially regarding complete human development. Existing tech had more control over the strictures. Everyone else was just a mere user and at the mercy of the institutions or other giants.

This means that no one had complete control over their digital identity. Depersonalization was very common and people were just numbers within a centralized environment. This limitation and worry are part of the drive toward creating a virtual universe that identifies every unique individual and simulates the natural world. Developing the first social metaverse will help the establishment positively impact people’s lives.

Core Values of This Project

Pantera in Gamium

Foundational beliefs are guiding the development of this initiative. The brains behind this enterprise also share these values. They include the following:

  • Hard work: “Dreams don’t work unless you work hard.”
  • Teamwork: Everyone works together toward achieving the general vision.
  • Passion: members of the team love what they do
  • Quality: The products from this must always be the best.
  • Community-driven: the #GMMARMY & Gamium DAO are key factors to the development of Gamium.

With this belief system, the team

About Gamium

Gamium is a Web3 company that aims to innovate how humans interact in the digital space. By building the truly Decentralized Social Metaverse, the team aims to build a solid foundation that represents humans universally. Its vision is to interconnect all the pieces of the digital space together. The team is developing two products: GAMIUM APP and GAMIUM WORLD. The former is an all-in-one app that allows users to build and create their Digital Identity and use it across Web3 and Metaverse applications. While the latter is a 3D endless virtual world for Avatars to have fun, explore, socialize, earn achievements, innovate and create. There are no limits in Genesis city and its Neighborhoods and LANDs.

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