Axie Infinity Origins Season 9 Is Finally Live, Promises Spectacular Rewards
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Axie Infinity Origins Season 9 Is Finally Live, Promises Spectacular Rewards


  • The Axie Origins Season 9 is live with a total prize pool of over $567,000!
  • New features include Gauntlet Mode with SLP rewards and summer-themed elements.
  • Balancing updates and changes in the crafting shop.

The Axie Origins Season 9 has kicked off, bringing a wave of excitement and novelties for players.

After an exhilarating preseason finale, where J0N emerged as the winner of both the Preseason Cup and the Collectible Leaderboard, the community gears up for a 49-day intense competition.

With a total prize pool of 81,133 AXS, equivalent to over $567,000, this season promises to be one of the most lucrative and competitive yet.

In this new season, the Rare Era has begun, wherein the top 30,000 players can share a prize pool of 12,170 AXS.

Additionally, the collectible chests have made a return, offering 7,000 AXS for collectible Axie holders.

To be eligible, one must keep the collectible Axies in the account throughout the Rare Era and reach the Tiger rank.

One of the most anticipated features is the return of Gauntlet Mode, now with SLP rewards.

This mode will have three one-week-long events, with the first one scheduled from June 17th to June 25th.

Entry to the Gauntlet Mode requires 50 SLP and 3 stamina, offering significant rewards for consecutive victories, encouraging players to refine their strategies and skills.

The Axie Origins shop has also been updated for the summer, with new items and offers.

Players can acquire new stickers for 750 gems and take advantage of discounts on initial Axie packs.

Furthermore, the interface and game scenarios have been refreshed with summer themes, providing a refreshing and vibrant atmosphere.

Balancing Updates in Axie Infinity

In response to community feedback and internal testing, several balance adjustments have been made to improve the gaming experience.

Some cards and enchantments have been modified to balance their power, such as Meditate, which now deals 13 damage per stack instead of 12, and Kidney Bean, which now applies 4 {Sleep} instead of 3.

Other changes include adjustments to healing and cleansing effects of various cards and runes.

Additionally, changes have been implemented in the SLP emission during regular and offseasons, with rewards adjusted according to the player’s rank.

During the regular season, players in the Wolf rank can earn 4 SLP per win, while those in the Challenger rank can earn up to 20 SLP.

Finally, minor changes have been made to the crafting costs and prices of items in the scrap shop.

These modifications aim to improve accessibility and balance in the game economy.

With all these exciting updates and features, the Axie Origins Season 9 promises to be an unforgettable experience.

Players should prepare, adjust their strategies, and dive into the arena to compete for prestigious rewards and enjoy the vibrant summer novelties in Lunacia.

Good luck to everyone in the arena!

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