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Kaidro NFTs Spirit Guardians Are Now Available on Mavis Market!


  • Kaidro officially launched its “Spirit Guardians” on the Mavis market, NFTs designed to complement the “Spark Suits” and offer various benefits.
  • The “Spirit Guardians” provide in-game skins and gameplay advantages, as well as the opportunity to participate in future airdrops and exclusive missions.
  • The airdrop conducted to “Spark Suits” holders was on a 1:1 ratio, incentivizing community participation and rewarding Kaidro’s followers’ loyalty.

Kaidro has officially launched its “Spirit Guardians” on the Mavis market. These are NFTs designed to complement the “Spark Suits”. The NFTs offer a wide range of benefits and rewards for their holders.

The introduction of the “Spirit Guardians” will provide in-game skins and additional advantages. Additionally, they also offer the opportunity to participate in future airdrops and access exclusive missions within the Kaidro universe.

One of the most important points behind the launch is the airdrop conducted to the holders of Kaidro’s “Spark Suits”. Holders were rewarded with “Spirit Guardians” in a 1:1 ratio, based on a snapshot taken on June 7th at 6 p.m. PST. This measure aims to incentivize community participation and, on the other hand, reward those who have been loyal followers of Kaidro from the beginning.

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Kaidro Rewards Community Love

In addition to the airdrop, Kaidro has also rewarded the top participants of its Play-to-Airdrop campaign. Those who managed to reach the Top 1,000 in the “Archives of Source” were congratulated. Along with the lucky winners of the raffle. The platform aims to demonstrate generosity to loyal followers and attract new users to its ecosystem.

The “Spirit Guardians” are now available on the Mavis market. Additionally, Kaidro has distributed a variety of prizes, including different types of “Spirit Guardians”, “Astral Eggs”, and other exclusive items, to participants and winners of the P2A campaign and the raffle.

Kaidro has successfully capitalized on the community’s interest to make a strong entry into the world of NFTs. Now is the time to offer new opportunities to its community and continue to boost its growth.

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