BinaryX, backed by Binance, unveils its new NFT Game, AI Hero
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BinaryX, backed by Binance, unveils its new NFT Game, AI Hero

The foray into the world of Ai Hero is presented as an exciting journey for the BinaryX communities.

More than a month after its introduction and subsequent private beta testing, the team behind the game has been attentive to every constructive comment to perfect the experience.

And finally, the long-awaited moment for blockchain-games arrives: The launch of Ai Hero!

At the heart of Ai Hero lies a unique economic model, fusing the joy of gaming with earning potential.

This ecosystem is based on a duality: allowing you to play for free and, at the same time, earn rewards through calculated strategy and exceptional skill.

Creating hero with BinaryX NFTs is essential to access “Competition Mode”

Here, players can obtain these NFTs in four different ways:

-Through creation in Normal Mode

Random recruitment

-Purchases on the BinaryX NFT Marketplace (coming soon)

-Or by mining heroes with BNX (available in the next update).

Participating in Competition Mode offers the opportunity to win BNX, BinaryX’s native currency.

BinaryX Presents Ai Hero: A World of NFTs, Competition and Profits in BNX

Each game in this mode requires a hero NFT, and rewards vary depending on performance in the competition.

It is crucial to mention that each hero NFT can only be used once in Competition Mode; After each participation, the NFT will be destroyed, functioning as a unique entry ticket to this modality.

The next updates to Ai Hero promise to take the experience to another level.

A crucial update is expected that will allow the withdrawal and deposit of tokens and NFTs, the incorporation of Competition Mode, and advantages for BNX holders.

To give players a jump start, Ai Hero is offering a 15% discount for the first 10 days of launch.

This allows you to obtain the NFT of the hero used in the game for 34 BNX instead of the original 40.

Ai Hero represents more than just a game; It is an environment where strategy, skill and intelligent decisions converge to offer an exciting and lucrative experience for gaming enthusiasts and lovers of blockchain technology.

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