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Cryptomeda Set to Breakdown Blockchain Walls through Interoperable NFTs Partnership

At the core of gaming technology is interoperability without which users are limited to private communities where only a limited few can access. In preparation for the new reality coming to the Internet, there is a need to continue exploring cross-game NFTs to create a unified albeit decentralized gaming metaverse.

In light of this, Cryptomeda is on the lookout to partner with industry players for cross-game collaboration opportunities for its new NFTs. This step is expected to offer additional capabilities for in-game assets. It will also give community members the opportunity to earn partner’s tokens with MedaWars as well as the platform’s token, $TECH.

How will the Interoperable NFTs Partnership Work?

Cryptomeda mentioned that the plan is to have its partners start the idea process. Then, the platform will team up with them to sell and promote it through its Cryptomeda marketplace. After the sale, the development team on the platform will mint the cross-game NFTs within 24 hours on Polygon.

After the mint, the NFTs developed by the Cryptomeda team will become available and playable across its game platforms. The goal is to use the NFTs in the game platform and the partner’s games.

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Highlights of Cryptomeda Exploration of the CryptoBlades Ecosystem

Cryptomeda has taken the first step to explore new cross-game NFTs and leading this Medaverse initiative is CryptoBlades. Currently, players can see a lot of similarities in its collectible cards. The major difference is that they cannot combine these cards to create new revolution cards.

The first NFT release took place on February 8 at 6:00 pm UTC. The platform has also partnered with Polygon Studios to hold the next NFT release on February 14. Suffice to mention that the cross-game NFT will be available for every game project and the platform will encourage its community to participate to make this initiative a big success. 

What is the Difference between Cross-game NFTs and Standard NFTs?

The cross-game NFTs assets are slightly different from other collectibles on the game platform. While NFTs extend to multiple games, each game uses a distinct Cryptomeda smart contract. That is where all important elements of the NFTS are stored.

Suffice to mention that they are not upgradable. To upgrade an NFT, it has to be done through the partner’s platform from their backend. This is to ensure that no alterations are carried out on the smart contract statistics and no impact on other Cryptomeda games and their ecosystem.

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