Benzene (BZN)

Benzene (BZN) is the token that drives the economy of the Play-To-Earn game War Riders, an MMO Battle Royale between armored cars equipped with guns ready for action.

In War Riders, players own their own vehicle which they can edit, upgrade, and even trade their parts on the marketplace, and then go out to destroy other players’ vehicles.

In order to get the rewards, you not only have to defeat your opponents, but you also have to arrive safely back to your garage, otherwise you will lose all the rewards you have obtained at the time and of course the player who has defeated you will take them. This style of gameplay adds a touch of excitement to the game by making you think twice before continuing playing on the field.


0.125 USD$ 3.21%
0.125 USD$
24h Range
0.150 USD$

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