OpenWorld (OPEN)

OpenWorld (OPEN) is an app that allows users to enter an open and immersive virtual world, in which they can interact with other people, walk through the streets and enter different areas.

One of the main functionalities of OpenWorld (OPEN) is The Pub. A virtual meeting place where users can interact in different ways. From having one-by-one or group conversations, to livestreaming where they can show their talents to the community, for example, singing and even playing games. OpenWorld (OPEN) seeks to emphasize the cultural aspect of its communities.
In addition, OpenWorld (OPEN) allows you to find and connect with others with similar interests through a hashtag system. Encouraging interaction and discovery among users and providing a platform to contact them.

In OpenWorld (OPEN), each user has their own NFT avatar, which they can customize and wear with NFT clothing. This can be designed and minted by the artist himself.

The native token of this platform is OPEN.


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