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How to Start Playing Everdome Metaverse

Everdome is the first hyperrealistic metaverse. Unlike other digital universe projects, it creates a high-definition virtual world that will unite people and offer them the most realistic experiences. The best way to describe this game is to start playing it.

Features of the Everdome Metaverse

Before users start playing the game, they must understand the Everdome metaverse features. It consists of an HQ dome, community domes, 3D avatars and NFTs.

  • Community Domes: The virtual universe is situated on Mars, where users settle in according to their community. This involves an ecosystem providing lands on the HQ Dome’s Fringe for individuals and brands. They can take control of these areas and establish authority.
  • HQ Dome: This is the envy of all Everdome and a central location for everyone who wants the most metaverse experience. It is the place where artists, musicians, companies, brands, and people can come to buy different assets. This includes land, metaverse advertisement space or conducting other transactions.
  • Metahero: This is a 3D avatar that represents players within the virtual world. It has chambers  placed in strategic places in Everdome that allows anyone to scan everything in high definition. There are also plans to pay people $HERO for allowing themselves to be scanned.
  • NFTs: Players can scan artworks into 3D NFTs and receive payment in $HERO per item. Besides the scans, there will be other in-game digital assets that players will use during gameplay.

How to Start Playing Everdome Metaverse

How to Start Playing Everdome Metaverse

To start playing the Everdome metaverse, players must hold specific digital assets. This includes the Astro and Genesis NFTs. With these assets, players can gain access to the alpha version of the game. Inside the virtual universe, they will experience different gameplay forms. This ranges from the mainstream options to multiple mini-games. The team is also promising upcoming challenges, scientific quests and additional activities. Players should use VR headsets for the best experience.

Besides regular gaming, there are also staking and vesting options for users to earn passive income. They can stake $HERO tokens, virtual land and their avatars to earn passive income. Landowners can also use their real estate for advertising their business or outsourcing them to other brands for similar purposes.

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