Illuvium to Reimburse Funds Stolen During Illuvium Discord Server Hack
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Illuvium Battle RPG Brings 3D Monsters to the Blockchain

According to the official roadmap, the Illuvium beta will be available to the public towards the end of 2021. Currently, players can interact with Illuvium smart contracts by staking ILV tokens to reap rewards. Additionally, future players can win NFT items and Illuvials – the eponymous characters of this alien world—in partnership airdrops, contests, and as bonuses from the IDO. This is a great way to kickstart player collections prior to the official game launch.

What is Illuvium?

Based in vast and detailed explorable biomes, Illuvium takes you on an adventure through a mysterious alien planet. Travel around and capture Illuvialsto add them to your permanent collection. Some may be easy to collect. Some may prove to be elusive. But you will want all of them.

During gameplay, you can level up your character and drone sidekick. All in-game purchases in Illuvium are processed in ETH. However, thanks to the Immutable X layer-2 solution, transaction processing speeds on the Ethereum blockchain will be faster.

While traveling and collecting Illuvials in the overworld is one aspect of gameplay, players will also be able to use their Illuvials in an auto-battler. Battle arenas allow players to compete and climb up the leaderboard. From that perspective, Illuvium also offers strong competitive elements for tactical battles.
Illuvium items


To enrich the gameplay, Illuvium developers created a wide range of in-game items that can be won or purchased.


Shards are crucial for gameplay. They are used to capture Illuvials in the overworld. Players will always want to have a few shards in their wallets in case they come across a rare Illuvial.

Shards can be found in-game or acquired in the IlluviDEX. The rarer the shard, the better it is for capturing Illuvials.


Weapons are another important element of the game and players can level up their character’s weapons by adding different gems. The better the gems, the stronger the aura blast your weapon will have. Strong weapons aid players in defeating rare Illuvialsand also determine the class of players. Like most items in the game, players can trade weapons on the IlluviDEX.


Armor helps protect players while battling Illuvials. If a character’s armor is too damaged, players will have to wait for it to regenerate in order to resume battle. Just like all other items, Armor NFTs are tradable on the IlluviDEX.


Imbues significantly increase the rarity of items players have in their collection. Not only that, they allow for customizations to characters and weapons.
NFTs, DeFi, and GameFi

Illuvium is an excellent example of how the blockchain space has evolved to introduce a combination of its best capabilities. While NFTs and DeFi have been a prominent part of the crypto industry for years now, GameFi is a rather new phenomenon.

By combining NFTs, DeFi, and play-to-earn mechanics, games like Illuvium create a new space in the blockchain world—Game DeFi, or GameFi. With the rise of GameFi, the gaming community benefits from enhanced gameplay and the opportunity to earn, while enjoying amazing graphics in the form of NFT collectibles.

Illuvium is an exciting new project that has a lot of potential. With an ambitious roadmap and huge milestones ahead for the development team.

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