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K-Verse Land Sale Goes Live in The Sandbox Marketplace

K-verse land is set to be available for sale in the Sandbox Marketplace. This comes after the blockchain game announced a partnership with K-content. Along with this merchandising event, there will also be themed experiences featuring popular IP. In addition, partners of this top cultural brand will also be making their debut in the Sandverse.

Details of the K-verse Land Sale

K-verse (one of the most prominent) land sale will occur on the 8th of December, 2022 at 15:00 UTC. This exercise will begin with a raffle sign-up, which will continue till the 13th of December by 15:00 UTC. By 11:00 AM UTC on December 14th, Sandbox will announce the results from that lottery. This will be quickly followed by a land sale for only whitelisted users by 12:00 UTC on the same date. It will continue till 15th December by 12:00 UTC.

Following the end of the private sale, Sandbox will offer LAND NFTs via an auction on OpenSea. This opportunity will be open to everyone and run from 12:00 UTC on December 14th to 12:00 on December 15th. There will be a second round of auctions on OpenSea that will be open to everyone, especially those who missed out on those who missed the first one. This edition will run from 15:00 UTC on December 15th to the same time on December 16th. There may be another auction after the second round. However, it depends on how many whitelisted users do not purchase LAND.

Types of LAND Available

k-verse land types

There are 1,559 LANDs available in the k-content metaverse in The Sandbox. They are categorized into regular and premium plots. Both will be near areas close to the K-content 17 partners coming to the Sandverse.

Below is a breakdown of the types of land available in this sale:

  • Regular: 623 units will be available via whitelist, with each plot selling for 1,011 $SAND. 15 1×1 LANDs will be sold via the OpenSea auction.
  • Premium: Unlike the above, premium LAND is closest to the major partners. Each unit goes for 4,683 $SAND. Anyone who purchases a plot will get a Premium NFT Bundle from k-content associates.
  • Estates: These consists of 3×3 or 6×6 LANDs. However, they will only be available via auction on OpenSea.

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