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Space Falcon Set to Hold its NFTs Sale on February 3, 2022

Following the successful launch of its $FCON Token on three different renowned exchanges, Space Falcon has announced a major project coming up on its platform. Space Falcon, the Intergalactic metaverse that features premium NFTs and the space shooter game, will be holding its NFTs sale on February 3, 2022, at 12:00 UTC.

To participate in the NFTs sale event, interested participants need to get whitelisted. This requires that participants have their wallet addresses ready and also fill out a form. The form is available through the official Telegram and Discord pages of Space Falcon. Suffice to mention that this NFT sale event will take place on the official website of Space Falcon.

Details of the $FCON NFTs Sale

The initial NFT mint condition requires that participants hold the $FCON token to participate. However, due to possible technical limitations and other issues associated with bot attacks, the game platform has removed this mint condition.

The earlier condition also requires that participants hold 500,000 FCON and 2 SOL to purchase one NFT. Instead of these conditions, interested participants now have two options. First, interested individuals can get whitelisted on the Discord server of the game platform and pay only 2 SOL to purchase one NFT.

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This option guarantees that you get your desired NFT to buy. Second, you can wait to purchase from the remaining NFTs after the whitelisted wallets have purchased their desired NFTs. The second option allows everyone to mint an NFT without getting whitelisted.

However, there is no guarantee that you will get one, especially if the whitelisted wallets mint all NFTs before it is opened to the public. The general NFTs will take place on the official website of Space Falcon and the price for the sale is 2 SOL for each NFT just as for whitelisted participants.

More about Space Falcon

Space Falcon is an Intergalactic Metaverse featuring premium Sci-Fi NFTs and the classic space shooter game. The game platform provides players the opportunity to explore the metaverse where planets, galaxies, and spaceships are the major focus.

Players must own NFTs as the in-game assets, which are designed to help them own and control what they craft, buy, and earn. Gamers can own spaceships, planets, galaxies, and different extraterrestrial assets in the game metaverse.

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