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Splinterlands Mobile App to Be Discontinued! Here’s What’s Coming Next


  • Splinterlands will be withdrawing its mobile app from app stores starting April 2, 2024.
  • The focus is on optimizing the mobile website to offer a complete and functional gaming experience.
  • Players can access the game on mobile devices through the web browser or by using Hive Keychain.

Splinterlands’ development team has decided to withdraw its mobile app from app stores starting April 2, 2024. This move is part of their aim to provide the community with the best possible gaming experience, focusing on optimizing the mobile website to provide access to all game features. This means players will no longer be able to download the Splinterlands mobile app or access it from app stores after the mentioned date.

The main reason behind this decision is that the Splinterlands team is dedicating all efforts to improving the mobile website to ensure players can access all game features optimally and without limitations. Compared to the mobile app, the mobile website offers a more complete and functional experience, allowing players to participate in ranked matches, battles, tournaments, and access card markets and other in-game shops seamlessly.

To continue enjoying Splinterlands on mobile devices, players can follow a few simple steps. They just need to open their preferred mobile web browser and navigate to the Splinterlands website. Instead of clicking the “PLAY NOW” button, they should tap the hamburger menu in the top-right corner of the screen (or click “LOG IN” if they’re in landscape mode). Once done, they’ll be able to access all game features, just as if they were playing on their desktop.

splinterlands post

Splinterlands Will Relaunch the Mobile App Once Necessary Improvements Have Been Made

Additionally, players also have the option to use Hive Keychain. A browser extension that offers a wide range of additional features. To set it up, they need to install Hive Keychain from their device’s app store. Open the app, and select “Existing Account”. Then, they should create a six-digit PIN and sign in using their Private Posting Key or Private Active Key. Once logged in, they can access the integrated browser and type “https://next.splinterlands.com” in the search bar to start playing.

While the Splinterlands mobile app will be temporarily withdrawn. The team plans to return with an improved version in the future. Once key components of the New Player Experience have been implemented and additional improvements to the website have been made. In the meantime, the team is committed to providing ongoing support and gathering feedback from the community to continue improving the gaming experience for all players.

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