Axie Infinity Guild Leaderboards S1 is Here with a Chance to Win Big Prizes
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Axie Infinity Guild Leaderboards S1 is Here with a Chance to Win Big Prizes


  • Guild Competition: Guilds globally are competing in the Axie Classic Guild Leaderboard Season 1, with a chance to win from a 10,000 AXS prize pool. The season runs until April 12th, and guilds earn points through battles and strategic gameplay.
  • Leaderboard Insights: The leaderboard offers live rankings and allows players to analyze the top 10,000 players’ builds, providing a meta-analysis of current game trends.
  • Guild Vault Strategy: Guilds can earn points by depositing axies into the Guild Vault, with a daily limit of 3 Guild Points per axie. The season’s success will contribute to the shared glory of the Lunacian community and a substantial prize pool.

The inaugural season of the Axie Classic Guild Leaderboard has been launched for the Lunacians. Guilds from across the globe are invited to compete for a share of the 10,000 AXS prize pool, with the competition running until April 12th. The competition is expected to be intense, with guilds anticipated to both rise and fall in the rankings. 

Glory is promised to those who qualify for the Grand Tournament (GT). There are several key aspects to be aware of: the rates for Guild Points, the details about Contribution Points and Donations, information about the GT Knockout Phase, and the qualification requirements for Guild Wars.

In the first season of Axie Classic, guilds will vie for positions on the Guild Leaderboard by accumulating Guild Points. These points can be earned through various means: emerging victorious in battles within the Cursed Coliseum, defeating adversaries in the Knockout Round of the Grand Tournament, and strategically placing axies in the Guild Vault.

The leaderboard tracks live rankings and allows players to browse builds of the top 10,000 players. This meta-analysis provides insights into the current trends in the game. The competition is fierce, with players from all over the world battling it out for the top spots.

Guild Vault Strategy: Maximizing Guild Points

Axie Infinity Guild Leaderboards S1 is Here with a Chance to Win Big Prizes

Deposit your axies into the Guild Vault to accumulate Guild Points. Each day, a single unlocked axie in the Guild Vault will generate 1 Guild Point, with a daily limit of 3 Guild Points. Axies that are locked and not yet ready for support are unable to earn Guild Points. In the course of Axie Classic Season 1, guilds will vie for a share of the 10K AXS prize pool, which is approximately valued at $90K.

The competition will run until April 12th. Players can earn Guild Points to climb the leaderboard. The top guilds will share in the glory of Lunacian and a 10,000 AXS prize pool.

Axie Classic is the game that attracted millions to its cause. The game where histories were made. The game has been enthusiastically played by Lunacians since its comeback in November 2023. The introduction of today’s Guild Leaderboard S1 adds a fresh aspect to Classic, and we’re eager to hear your thoughts during and after the season.

This is an exciting time for Axie Infinity players. The introduction of the Guild Leaderboards S1 has added a new layer of competition and reward to the game. It will be interesting to see how the season unfolds and which guilds will rise to the top. Stay tuned for more updates as the competition heats up.

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