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Steve Aoki Partners with The Sandbox to Reveal 3333 Playable Aoki Avatars

Steve Aoki, the creator of the A0K1VERSE virtual metaverse, has partnered with The Sandbox Game, bringing 3333 playable Aoki Avatars to the metaverse.

The minting event is slated to take place on July 25 and it aims to offer everyone a chance to “be Steve Aoki” in the virtual metaverse. The Playable Aoki Avatars will feature hand-crafted, curated and unique designs with one of the coolest musicians in the world.

What is the “Be Steve Aoki” Event all about?

The event features a total collection of 3333 Steve Aoki Avatars that are randomly and uniquely generated for the Sandbox. These are metaverse avatars and each of them is a playable avatar in the Sandbox. By owning a piece of these avatars, holders will unlock special functionalities and also have the potential to earn SAND while playing.

How to Use the Steve Aoki Avatar in The Sandbox?

All avatars are playable in The Sandbox and holders will be able to use them to play in the upcoming Alpha Season 3 in The Sandbox. All that you have to do is get your Avatar and start playing the game.

You can also share your unique avatar with friends across the world. Additionally, avatar holders will have exclusive access to the Steve Aoki events and other Play-and-Earn activities in the metaverse.

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More about the Steve Aoki Avatars

These avatars deliver unlimited possibilities to holders. There are over one hundred hand-crafted traits and many unique one-on-one designs can be created by holders. It is worth mentioning that no two avatars are alike in look.

Each of the 3333 Avatars is unique in its look. They are divided into different rarity categories based on their traits. To mint the Avatars, you would need to visit the official link for the minting event. The minting and sale event will start on July 27 at 2:00 pm.

Whitelisted participants will have access to the sale about 48 hours before this time. Each Steve Aoki Avatar NFT costs 100 $SAND. Whitelisted participants can mint up to two Avatars per wallet and up to four Avatars for the public release.

You should be able to see your Avatar 48 hours after the minting event on OpenSea. Suffice to mention that participants can use any wallet to mint the avatars.

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