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TOWER’s Crazy Kings Announces NFT Battle Card Campaign

During January 2024, gamers can immerse themselves in the Crazy Kings experience by participating in the “The Grand Tournament Colosseum” event. This event not only provides entertainment but also the opportunity to win significant rewards, including the chance to acquire a TOWER Battle Card NFT.

Crazy Kings, renowned for being a collectible card game combined with tower defense strategies, has surpassed one million downloads worldwide. Players can command troops through over 600 levels, build their own army, and merge hundreds of elements to create more powerful and effective towers. This event, named “The Grand Tournament Colosseum,” is a weekly survival mode challenging players to withstand waves of Ironclads.

The competition in the Colosseum unfolds from Tuesday to Sunday each week, offering participants the chance to earn rewards based on their survival time. In addition to traditional game cards and gems, players now have the opportunity to obtain a TOWER Battle Card NFT, a unique and collectible digital asset exclusive to the game.

Prizes and Requirements of the Crazy Kings Event

Participation in this event requires players to download Crazy Kings from the iOS App Store. Once in the game, they must link their Crazy Kings User ID with a crypto wallet on the TOWER Token website. It is essential to note that Facebook login is not applicable to this event; the use of the Apple ID is required.

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To take part in the Colosseum, players need to progress in the game to the map “The grass is always greener,” unlocking the “The Grand Tournament Colosseum” game mode. This seasonal survival mode enables players to climb the rankings as they resist successive waves of enemies, enhancing their equipment and game cards to extend their duration in the competition.

Additionally, Crazy Kings establishes different leagues in the Colosseum, ranging from the Iron League for new players to higher leagues. Top players ascend to superior leagues, while the bottom performers descend.

Regarding rewards, the “Grand Tournament Colosseum NFT play-and-earn Season 1” campaign will run from January 16 to February 18, 2024, although the date is subject to change. Eligible players must connect their Crazy Kings User ID with a wallet on the CDH website and participate in at least three different tournaments during the season, ranking among the top 150 players in their league.

At the end of the season, players can expect to receive their rewards, including NFT cards and in-game prizes, delivered to their wallets or Crazy Kings accounts within 2 to 3 weeks. Each eligible player has a chance to obtain a TOWER Battle Card NFT and will receive a TOWER Achievement Badge NFT, Crazy Kings edition.

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