Treasure DAO Presents its new Gaming Ecosystem: Infinity Chains
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Treasure DAO Presents its new Gaming Ecosystem: Infinity Chains


  • The Treasury DAO moves towards its vision of an interconnected network of games with Treasury Infinite Chains.
  • The project seeks to revolutionize video games by offering a complete ecosystem powered by the $MAGIC token.
  • The interoperability platform will enable seamless gaming experiences between Treasure Chain and Infinite Chains, all powered by MAGIC.

The Treasury DAO is taking a big step towards realizing its core vision – the creation of an interconnected network of games – through its latest project, Treasury Infinite Chains.

This initiative seeks to revolutionize the world of video blockchain-games by offering a complete and connected ecosystem, all powered by the $MAGIC token.

The recent publication of the Treasure Chain litpaper expands on this vision, detailing an ambitious project that promises an exceptional gaming experience for players, with affordable rates thanks to Arbitrum roll-up technology.

The highlight of this project is its interoperability platform, which will allow the cross-chain gaming experience to scale.

This means that the Treasure Chain and a network of Infinite Chains, will work together to deliver smooth and seamless gaming experiences, all thanks to the MAGIC token.

For developers, two fundamental tools are offered: the Treasury Development Kit (TDK) and the Treasury Management Console (TDM).

The TDK provides cross-platform support for various game engines and allows the creation of game logic and tokens, while the TDM allows custom game configuration and management of player identities and metrics.

Treasure DAO's Vision: Introducing Treasure Infinity Chains

Additionally, the central role of the MAGIC token in this Treasure gaming ecosystem is highlighted

Since its launch in September 2021, MAGIC has been the cross-play currency uniting players, games, and communities in the broader Treasury ecosystem.

With diverse utilities, from governance to staking, MAGIC will be the fee token for cross-chain infrastructure, with a portion of the fees shared with Arbitrum to align the goals and operations of both entities.

The project timeline states that Infinite Treasure Chains will launch on the testnet by the first quarter of 2024, with an official mainnet launch expected in the third quarter of the same year, allowing for evaluation of key features.

Despite these exciting developments, the MAGIC token price did not show a bullish outlook in the last 24 hours.

However, with the previous increase of 28% in the last month, there is clear potential for increased demand for the token as the Infinite Treasure Chains project is implemented and the interconnected gaming ecosystem expands.

The Infinite Treasure Chains project promises to transform the gaming landscape by delivering an unprecedented gaming experience, driven by technological innovation and the vision of an interconnected gaming world.

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