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Axie Infinity Releases January Dev. Updates

The battle-collect-and-build game metaverse, Axie Infinity, has its development update for January 2023. The game platform has reiterated its commitment to continue building relentlessly with its exceptional community while looking forward to a progressive 2023. 

It further revealed that the development of Axie Infinity started and is progressing at an unimaginable speed. It is worth mentioning that the game launched its Axie Infinity Homeland Alpha and Origins upgrades with the launch of Season 2.

It also introduced accessories, which were a significant component of Axie Core in the previous year. The platform assures its users that 2023 will usher in exceptional upgrades.

Highlights of the Development Updates

Ecosystem and Axie Core

Premised on its quest to create an infinite gaming metaverse, the team is working hard to build different core areas. These include underlying lore, a distinct and stunning visual style, recognizable characters, and more gaming and collector-centric experiences.

All these will enable gamers to engage in the metaverse in different ways. It is worth mentioning that the game platform announced the idea of Axie Core in December 2022. Axie Core will offer players an opportunity to personalize, advance, and connect with their collectibles in meaningful ways.

axie infinity

Axie Infinity Origins: Season 2 Adjustments

With the S2 of Axie Infinity Origin currently underway, the game platform revealed that it has introduced significant improvements to the game. These improvements include New game mechanics, Faster season pacing, Daily Rewards, Eras

Participants in the Axie Infinity Origin Season 2 can compete with thousands of other players for a share of the 112,500 AXS prize pool.

Highlights of Contests

According to the game metaverse, the community completed multiple contests in Origins after it launched in October, but that was just the beginning. It further revealed that the team started some contests in the past months, which have been impressive to date.

These contests include The Premier, A Special Occasion, Plantstravaganza, and the introduction of the on-chain Release-and-Buy functions as missions. The game platform mentioned it is introducing in-battle-specific missions. More details about this will be released with time.

Highlights of Axie Infinity’s Future Plans

With feedback from the community in 2022, it would leverage the feedback to prioritize its projects in 2023. The game platform reiterated that its priority is to make the battle game more engaging for players. 

Gamers will have greater choices with consequences, while the platform will add more progression to the game. Areas that gamers can look forward to exploring in 2023 include:

  • Axie Infinity: Homeland
  • Axie Infinity: Raylights
  • Builders Program
  • Enter the Dungeon
  • Axie Quest
  • TactiCards
  • Axie Infinity War
  • E-sports and more

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