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Decentraland Introduces Wilderness P2E – A Virtual World of Wizards, Magic, and Fantasy

Decentraland has unveiled Wilderness P2E.  This virtual world of wizards and magic allows players to explore and enjoy fantasy experiences within the metaverse. Earlier in November 2022, the DAO proposed the expansion of the play-to-earn gameplay that was becoming popular to incorporate new options. There was a 99% approval for members and the team went to work.

Wilderness P2E started as a small side project. However, it was transferred to a large and modern area after acquiring new Land in Decentraland. This new space is a Magical Lake surrounded by mountains and hills. This relocation aimed to offer players a more expensive gaming experience with improved earning mechanisms. According to the team, this initiative will help usher new players into web3 gaming.

Details of the Decentraland Wilderness P2E

Decentraland Wilderness P2E

Decentraland Wilderness P2E is a play-to-earn RPG set in the mystery and fantasy metaverse. In this virtual world, users interact with each other in the form of wizards or witches. Gameplay features a magical combat experience where players use spells and mythical tools to fight in-game adversaries they will encounter during exploration. They can also use these weapons against other gamers in the PVP mode.

Since its launch, the project has grown from being a side traction into a significant part of the Decentraland ecosystem. On the 31st of March 2022, Wilderness P2E launched $WLDY – the underlying utility and native token for this game on the Polygon blockchain. Players will use this as the medium for purchasing digital assets and receiving in-game rewards.  In August 2022, the Wildditch World Cup. This weekly parkour tournament offers both old and new players the opportunity to improve their skills. The competition is open to everyone, as the team intends to usher in more community members.

To further improve this play-to-earn gameplay option, the team is creating further earning possibilities for players. This will extend beyond overcoming non-player characters while exploring the virtual universe. Decentraland plans to introduce mini-quests that will serve as walkthroughs for inducting new users into this magical world. In addition, there will also be Wild Nights fantasy parties that will occur every Friday at 10 pm UTC.

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