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Alien Worlds Releases Player Experience Improvements

Alien Worlds, a blockchain-based game, has released new product enhancement updates. The primary objective for releasing the Player Experience Improvements is to repair different bugs and boost user experience on its game platform. 

The game further assures its users that it will continue to update its user interface and repair discovered issuers to provide them with a reliable and enjoyable product.

Highlights of the 1.1.0 Feature Enhancements

According to Alien Worlds, the team added a loading state for the voting process where voters can see a loading icon. This icon shows for a few seconds after voting to enable the Blockchain ample time to process and accurately show voting data.

Additionally, it added direct navigation for the Candidate Profile view. That means users cannot navigate to Candidates’ profiles directly from the Planetary Governance Center. Other Enhancement features in 1.1.0 added by the game platform include:

  • Planetary Badges to the Planet Select Page
  • Planet Details with Proposal List, Placement, and Score
  • Custodian Proposals Cleanup
  • Updated Planet Treasury label in the Planet Select Page
  • Score to the Candidate Profile

alien worlds

Highlights of 1.1.0 Bug Fixes

Alien Worlds also mentioned it fixed certain bugs. These include the hover for Syndicates Sidebar items and the layout of the Custodian Center page. The team also fixed bugs found in the layout of the Candidate Profile view and Unstake Vote Power button styles.

Highlights of 1.2.0 Feature Enhancements

According to the game platform, it released 1.2.0 updates, which improve many features and repair different bugs. The highlights of the feature enhancements in this update are enumerated as follows:

DAO Constitution Member Overlay: This feature allows users to agree to member terms for creating candidacies, voting candidates, and removing votes from candidates’ pages. They can do all these from the same page.

Addition of Warning Message to log in to the main UI for Missions: This warning pops up to explain the browsers that directly support WAX Wallet login from the platform’s UI for exciting and new players. Other feature enhancements include:

  • Updated Custodian list for Mobile UI
  • Addition of Last Election Snapshot to Custodian section on the Planet Details Page
  • Addition of build version to the primary sidebar
  • Addition of a syndicate stats button on each planet in the selection screen
  • Removal of total votes and received vote power from the Planet Detail page

Bugs fixed in the 1.2.0 update release include a decimal bug for “Candidate’s Received Vote Power and Switch land Filters. Others include:

  • Compilation Errors
  • Missions Rarity Icon
  • Syndicates Vote Power Buttons
  • Candidates Voting Checkboxes, and others

The link to the comprehensive updates on the game platform can be found on the official social media page of Alien Worlds.

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