DOOM Resurrected on Dogecoin Network
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DOOM Resurrected on Dogecoin Network

In a remarkable fusion of retro gaming and modern blockchain technology, the iconic 1993 video game DOOM has been resurrected on the Dogecoin network. This development is a testament to the versatility of blockchain technology and the creative potential it holds.

The deployment of DOOM on the Dogecoin network was made possible by a relatively new protocol that allows developers to store large amounts of data on a blockchain. The deployment of the game on Doginals exclusively retrieves all its gaming data from the information preserved on the Dogecoin network. It operates independently, without the need for any external sources beyond the network.

The developer behind this innovative project, known as @minidogeart, announced the launch with the statement, “Ð is for Doginals! Ð is for DOOM on Dogecoin”. This signifies that the game is now inscribed on the Dogecoin blockchain forever. DOOM, a first-person shooter game, was one of the initial computer games that gained widespread popularity in the 90s. Its deployment on Doginals coincides with its 30th anniversary. 

From May 2023 onwards, developers have had the capability to integrate art collections and games into Dogecoin, thereby expanding its ecosystem beyond just being a dog-themed meme token, thanks to the use of inscription technology. Inscriptions are digital records that store multimedia content such as images, videos, audio, and text files on the blockchain.

Dogecoin’s Doginals: The New Addition to the Blockchain Ecosystem

DOOM Resurrected on Dogecoin Network

In the past month, there has been a noticeable decrease in transaction activity. However, recent trends suggest a resurgence. Specifically, data indicates that the number of transactions has surged from 90,000 at the beginning of the month to 420,000 as of Wednesday. This suggests a significant increase in activity on the network.

Inscriptions, referred to as “Doginals” within the Dogecoin network and akin to Bitcoin Ordinals, represent a recent addition to the blockchain ecosystem. These elements have the potential to foster thriving ecosystems within a blockchain, enhancing a token’s underlying value and potentially driving price increases in response to elevated demand.

In May, the excitement surrounding Dogecoin inscriptions led to a surge in transactional volumes on the network, reaching unprecedented levels. Transaction activity has cooled since then but is seemingly ramping up again. This development marks a significant milestone in the evolution of blockchain technology, demonstrating its potential to revolutionize not just finance, but also the gaming industry.

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