Illuvium Announces Exciting Season 1 Leaderboard Rewards
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Illuvium Announces Exciting Season 1 Leaderboard Rewards

In a thrilling announcement, Illuvium, the popular blockchain-based game, has unveiled the rewards for its Season 1 Leaderboard. The announcement has sparked excitement among the Illuvium community, known as Rangers, who are eagerly anticipating the competitive challenges and potential rewards.

The Illuvium Leaderboard is a key feature of the game’s multiplayer platform, “Battle in the Beyond,” which offers Rangers a seamless blend of Illuvium’s lore with cross-IP adventures. The leaderboard ranks players based on various criteria, including the highest power and the most D1SKs opened.

The leaderboard is divided into three categories: Free, Standard, and Mega. The Free Leaderboard rewards players for simply opening a D1SK on the platform, with points increasing for each D1SK opened. The Standard and Mega Leaderboards are designed for more competitive players, with the highest Standard and Mega D1SKs opened by LizPass holders ranking at the top of this season’s leaderboard.

Illuvium has also introduced a unique feature called BYOD (Bring Your Own D1SK), inviting Rangers to bring their D1SKs into the grand arena. This feature, along with live spectating of battles, adds to the immersive and interactive gaming experience.

Illuvium’s Grand Rewards for Top-Performing Rangers

Illuvium Announces Exciting Season 1 Leaderboard Rewards

The rewards for the top-performing Rangers are indeed grand. Season winners are granted D1SKs, Lizcoin, Elemental Lizards, and Lore NFTs. These rewards not only incentivize gameplay but also enrich the gaming journey for the Rangers.

Moreover, Illuvium has announced that it will triple the rewards for the first three weeks of leaderboard snapshots to compensate for previous delays. This generous gesture further underscores Illuvium’s commitment to its gaming community.

The company has also released its Arena Beta 3 v0.3.4 patch notes. This update introduces new features such as Augment Limitation, changes to the Legendary Bidding Phase, and reworks to Illuvials, Synergies, and Augments. The patch also includes an advanced filtering system and modifications to various Illuvial lines. 

This comprehensive update aims to enhance the gaming experience for Illuvium’s community, the Rangers. The Illuvium team continues to demonstrate its commitment to providing a dynamic and engaging gaming environment for its players.

In conclusion, the announcement of Season 1 Leaderboard Rewards marks an exciting milestone for Illuvium and its players. With its innovative features and enticing rewards, Illuvium continues to redefine the landscape of blockchain gaming.

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